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Unlock your genius

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

If you’re interested in science, maths or technology, then a career in engineering could be the path for you.

Engineers do amazing things. They power cities. Invent robots. Turn waste into energy. And they’re working to solve the energy transition through digital transformation.

To get you inspired, we’ll be adding more videos to this page over the coming weeks.

Treasure from trash

What should we do about the 2 billion tons of trash we dump every year? Andre Lopes looks at the options.


What if robots could take on the work we don’t want to do? Chris shows how CAROL cleans toxic spaces that only the bravest humans would enter.

Augmented reality

We know AR from Pokémon Go. But it can do more than pursue Pikachu. Carrie shows how we use augmented reality in engineering.