Antonio Bryan Gillford | Worley Energy, Chemicals, Resources

Antonio Bryan Gillford

Project manager

The confidence to succeed

"I was able to discover potential that I never thought I had. And I found it while balancing my personal life and looking after my family."

Antonio leads the projects arm of our power business as well as managing sales and activities in the power sector. Much of his day job involves exploring and implementing opportunities to make projects go much smoothly.

I truly believe that it’s my duty to provide solutions that help the world to develop in a sustainable way. This is not achieved by one big decision from a leader, but with small actions from many people. Each person at Worley has a part to play, by providing even better solutions in their own role.

Antonio joined Worley during his final year at engineering school in the University of Valencia, and after two decades, he reflects fondly on his journey.

"I have always been surrounded by very intelligent and talented people. This was incredible for my technical development. I’ve had chances to participate in challenging projects in various positions, which helped me build the confidence to lead large projects, while being led by inspiring people.

"The challenges are never far away. One day it’s entering new markets, another it’s developing new commercial models and interacting with many talented people from different cultures. It’s why I love to work here."