Lucas Sunarta Harry | Worley Energy, Chemicals, Resources

Lucas Sunarta Harry

Civil Engineering Contractor

The confidence to succeed

"I was able to discover potential that I never thought I had. And I found it while balancing my personal life and looking after my family."

Lucas is reflecting on his first experience as a project coordinator at Worley, where during a public hearing, a member of the community raised concerns for the people who lived in the area.

"He said, 'Mr. Engineer, be more humane!'", Lucas recalls. "At first this felt unfair, since a lot of effort was put into understanding the impacts of the project on surrounding communities.

"But it also made me realize that what we do affects people, and we need to have a human centered approach to our solutions.

"This is not always easy to do in the trained brain of an engineer. But, it’s a very worthwhile effort for the good of the world. At Worley, we face up the entire picture, which means we can do our part in developing sustainable projects for everyone involved.”

Lucas leads the hydropower technology arm of our power business as well as handling sales in the power sector. Much of his day job involves exploring and implementing opportunities to generate renewable energy from fast-flowing water.

I truly believe that it’s my duty to provide solutions that help the world to develop in a sustainable way. This is not achieved by one big decision from a leader, but with small actions from many people. Each person at Worley has a part to play, by providing even better solutions in their own role.