Davies Jeremih | Worley Energy, Chemicals, Resources

Davies Jeremih


The confidence to succeed

"I was able to discover potential that I never thought I had. And I found it while balancing my personal life and looking after my family."

Davies believes the energy industry is primed for a new generation of talent to embark on long and successful careers, kick-started by an apprenticeship.

“The industry is going through a major transition at a time when the pool of experienced professionals is also reducing as many people retire or leave the industry.

“The move to lower carbon energy and greater digitalization means that our future talent needs will look different to today’s. But, our need for highly skilled and experienced people will never be greater. This means that apprenticeships will be critical for the industry to deliver on the challenges ahead.

For Davies , the learning never stops. He recently completed an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) and Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) Level 5 with distinction. All while balancing his role as leader of around 200 people.