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Christine Erin

Commercial Manager

The confidence to succeed

"I was able to discover potential that I never thought I had. And I found it while balancing my personal life and looking after my family."

Christine works as a Shop Foreman and Millwright at our Saskatchewan, Alberta workshop. “Ever since I started my very first day as a Millwright, I’ve been excited to get up and go to work. And I’ve never had that before.

“It might sound a little cliché, but my team at Worley are like my second family. There’s always new situations or challenges we need to overcome for our customers, or something that needs to be fixed. And these challenges mean that I’m constantly pushing myself and developing my skills.”

Christine's father, who also plied his trade as a Machinist/Millwright, was something of a pioneer in the industry. He is thought to have apprenticed the first female Millwright in Alberta, back in the 1980s. A generation later, Melany is just as passionate about mentoring and coaching young women, so that they too can enjoy rewarding careers in the industry.

“There’s still a lack of knowledge about the range of trades out there, and a strong perception about them too. Young women simply don’t see many trades as something they can do – just like I didn’t. But that couldn’t be further from reality.

“At Worley, there’s a strong sense of equality, and our culture of learning makes for the perfect environment for young people to develop their skills. It fills me with pride to overhear some of the daily learning conversations between our Journeymen and apprentices.”